The Team

All the members of the Adopt a Revolution team possess much experience in political work for NGOs and in civil society. They developed the project together in fall 2011 and have continued to work together on its implementation. In addition to those mentioned here, there has also been a broad network of volunteers who have worked on the implementation, whom we wish to thank again.

Aktham Abazid

Aktham is an environmental planner who came to Germany from Syria in 1999, and who has remained in Germany because of the political situation in his homeland. Since the outbreak of Syrian Spring he has established the German-Syrian social union Lien e.V. and applied himself politically to Adopt a Revolution, where he concerns himself foremost with establishing and extending the network of contacts in Syria.

Andre Find

Andre is a political scientist and has been working the last few years as an online campaigner. Arab Spring taught him how much power the Internet had to change the situation in Arab countries (the area he is most familiar with is Kurdish North Iraq). He has brought his experience in campaigning and organizational development to Adopt a Revolution.

Elias Perabo

Elias is a political scientist. He was traveling through Syria in April 2011 when the Syrian Spring erupted. He saw with his own eyes how the land changed from one day to the next, as the people lost their fear and began to go out on the street. At first he worked on the establishment of international media relations for Syrian activists, later he developed a broad network of contacts for Adopt a Revolution.

Many Supporters

Besides the office team, there are many others who have supported the work, whether through translating, layout, technology, blogging, background research, or providing contacts with Syria.
We owe a special thanks to Bildargumente in Berlin and Sichtagitation in Hamburg for graphics and web design, and about:source for the implementation of the website.