Reconstructing Syria
The reconstruction of Syria is a colossal task. The West must find a way to help the people without strengthening the Assad regime. In a new study by Adopt a Revolution, Syrian economists and social scientists shed light on strategies, actors and interests.
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Resisting Hayat Tahrir al-Sham
Author and analyst Haid Haid conducted an important research examining how Syrian civil society groups are trying to resist extremist militias such as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. Read his findings here.
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Who we are

The German-Syrian initiative Adopt a Revolution supports civil self-organization against the Assad dictatorship and religious fanaticism. We strengthen projects that create perspectives for peace and work for a life in freedom and dignity.



Palmyra: “Russia is destroying our City”

Civil activits from Palmyra/Tadmur report about heavy attacks on their hometown. The city has been under control of IS-jihadists in the last months, now the Syrian regime's army, with support by Russian airstrikes, progresses towards the city - and is obviously not saving humans nor acient ruins. We document their…

The Syrian Spring Blossoming again

Five years after the first demonstrations in Syria, the activists Ameenah Sawwan thinks back to the beginnings of the revolution and also sees the numerous demonstrations of the last weeks. The civil society is not dead, she concludes. Five years ago, we were told not to have high expectations or…

German Initiative for a “Right of Welcome”

"Take in refugees – abolish all causes of flight" - this is what the German initiative Recht auf Willkommen ("Right of Welcome") is promoting. More than 4 million people in Germany are actively supporting refugees and, that way, creating a welcoming culture of solidarity. This movement must not lose ground,…