Data Security

Although Adopt a Revolution calls for open protests against the dictatorial regime of Bashar al-Assad, the protection of personal data is important to us. In Syria, those who express their opinions over the Internet risk government persecution.The most effective protection against the misuse of data is collecting the least possible personal data in the first place. This website aims to take into account the principle of the economical use of data.

As the first measure to protect data, insists on the confirmation of every action (the double opt-in method). If you would like to support a petition, you must confirm your participation over a personal link that is sent to you via email. Only then is your signature considered valid.
We are intent that you know exactly which of your data has been stored and to which purpose it is used. As a non-profit association we are governed by the regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG—Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes) as well as the German Teleservices Act (TMG—Telemediengesetzes), and we observe these legal prescriptions.

The personal data that we gather (name, address, telephone number, and prior donations and communications) is stored electronically and is used exclusively for the purposes of about:change e.V.
In accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act, you are always able to inquire about, correct, erase, or block the data that we have stored about you. In all cases, we must archive the data concerned with your donations for the purposes of the legal retention period.

Whenever possible, the transfer of your details takes place along encrypted connections in order to ensure that your data cannot be viewed by an unauthorized party.

Online advertising may involve search-word or content-related advertisement. In this case, we show the advertisement of a third party. They may use cookies on the basis of the prior visits of a user on the website. Users can deactivate the use of cookies in general or for particular websites in their browser preferences. The use of cookies by a third party can also be limited or deactivated.

So that we can concentrate on the political work of supporting the activists of Syrian Spring, we may collaborate in some areas with external service providers. In such cases, the service provider is contractually obligated to use the data made available exclusively for the narrowly defined tasks. The transfer of your data to a further party is prohibited.