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about:syria fund
about:syria is a new fund to support dialogue and discussion projects of Syrians in Syria and Germany. We are looking forward to your creative applications!
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Reconstructing Syria
The reconstruction of Syria is a colossal task. The West must find a way to help the people without strengthening the Assad regime. In a new study by Adopt a Revolution, Syrian economists and social scientists shed light on strategies, actors and interests.
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Resisting Hayat Tahrir al-Sham
Author and analyst Haid Haid conducted an important research examining how Syrian civil society groups are trying to resist extremist militias such as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. Read his findings here.
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German authorities obligate Syrian refugees to obtain a valid passport from Assad's embassy in Berlin when renewing their residency or applying for German citizenship - this is called the obligation to procure a passport (German: Passbeschaffungspflicht). The Assad regime generates more than a hundred million Euros from Germany alone through this administrative practice. We argue that it is unreasonable to expect from Syrian refugees who have fled the Assad regime to cooperate with their oppressor. The German authorities, however, do not recognize this.



3 reasons, why Putin and Assad deliberately target shelters and hospitals

In Ukraine, shelters and hospitals are becoming targets. This is a flagrant war crime. In recent years, we have analyzed Russian involvement in the war in Syria and try to explain why civilian infrastructure is being shelled.

Solidarity with Idlib’s Women’s Center

Today we declare our solidarity and full support for the Syrian activist Huda Khayti from the Idlib Women's Center. Since the beginning of the revolution in Syria, this amazing woman has done outstanding work to help women get their rights. Today we declare our solidarity!

Call for immediate end to attacks in Idlib, Syria

Press Statement: 43 Syrian and international NGOs call for immediate end to attacks on civilians and hospitals in Idlib, Syria