In the difficult political situation that holds in Syria today, it is not easy to track each flow of money and provisions to its final recipient. Nevertheless, Adopt a Revolution is intent on maintaining the greatest level of transparence to be certain that money from the local civil society is not being used for purposes at odds with the goals of the project. For example, we wish to prevent the application of project resources to the violent struggle against the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

At the same time, we do not want our support of the activists to put them in danger. Thus Adopt a Revolution allows some collaborators to use pseudonyms, when necessary, in order to ensure the maximum protection for the activists of Syrian Spring against the clutches of the secret police.

Safety for activists can mean opacity for contributors. To take due account of this conflict, the project is advised by a seven-member advisory board and the disbursement of resources is carefully monitored by an auditing committee of the supporting organization. Moreover, each of the local committees is required to deliver a regular report concerning where the resources were spent. These reports are published on the website just like the annual report of the project.

The goal of the initiative is to provide financial support for the political activities of the citizen committees in Syria in order to sustain them in their unarmed protest against the dictatorial regime. We do not foresee directing money to humanitarian projects since other organizations have much more experience in that area.

In case you have questions about how the donations are used or about the flow of resources to the committees, please contact us.