The Idea of Adopt a Revolution

The Adopt a Revolution project was launched by Syrian and German activists in the fall of 2011 in the face of the brutal persecution of the peaceful uprising against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The project has the following four objectives:

1. Financial Support

The local committees are currently bearing the burden of the protest, and mostly without pay and at great financial cost. Many committees lack the money to hire lawyers to look after prisoners, to pay for rent or food for activists living in hiding, or to buy banners, leaflets, or internet service (which is very expensive in Syria).

2. Build a Bridge of Solidarity

Although the Syrian uprising is being covered intensely by the media, for most the connection is much weaker than it was, for example, to the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. We want to use our sponsor model to create a familiarity that will make possible a durable solidarity.

3. Knowledge Transfer

We want to create an exchange of information between local committees in Syria and local groups abroad that will strengthen the peaceful uprising against the Assad regime and, further, that will help with the building of a civil society in Syria. There might be exchanges of information between trade unions about how to effectively strike, suggestions on how to bring the plight of prisoners to the world community, and ideas about the role that a civil society can play after the fall of the Assad regime.

4. Civil Intervention

Besides practical help, the project conceives of itself as a contribution to the organizing of the work of international solidarity. During the last decade, international solidarity has been increasingly taking the form of demands for military intervention (as in Libya), even in civil society. We wish to create a form of “civil intervention” that by strengthening peaceful political activists lessens the chances of military escalation.

Support the objectives of the project by becoming a sponsor of the revolution!

The supporting association for the project is about:change e.V., which is based in Leipzig. It undertakes the financial accounting.
If you would like to support our campaign work for Adopt a Revolution, you are welcome to contribute directly to about:change e.V. Our bank account:

About.change e.V.
Account: 112 896 12 00
BLZ 430 609 67 (GLS Bank)

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